My name is Cheryl Lim.  On June 1 2010, I opened Elephant Shoes, a new artisan collective at 1301 Bloor St West.  In January 2014, I continued my commitment to the neighborhood joining forces with like-minded Jess at Ransack the Universe.  Now located inside 1207 Bloor St West.  The mission is still the same, to create a community servicing space giving local area artists a location to display their efforts and by providing art workshops for all ages.  It may sound a little hippie but I want to encourage creative expression and gifting as my way to make the world a better place.

I moved to Toronto and the Bloordale area 15 years ago.  Not knowing any of the Toronto neighborhood profiles, I found the area to be a wonderful combination of established families and urban characters.  I have always felt lucky to have found this area which offers all the necessities of shops, public transit, and friendly people.

In my spare time, I have taken several art classes ranging from drawing to pottery, silver smith to iron metal working.  I found both happiness and peace in thinking of the perfect thing to make for my family and friends.  I had dreamed of having a store one day where I could just match people with the perfect gift, either for someone or themselves.  Well, after dedicating so many years of my life to the corporate Man, I have decided to follow my dreams.

I have made Elephant Shoes an extension of myself with the same whimsical and child-like wonder that I wish never to lose.  “Elephant Shoes” is a saying from my childhood that looks like someone saying “I Love You” when mouthed silently.  The theme of “Elephant Shoes” is to promote gifting of items that were made with love. Remembering what it was like to make something for someone when you were younger “not because you had to but because you want to”.

So, I invite you to come in and be surrounded by the love.